Appointment cancelled!

Gee!  Who knew that simply writing a self-serving blog, that no one reads, would make me feel better? So I cancelled the counseling appointment and will tough it out. Truth is – I don’t need to spend the money. I hate not having all that discretionary income that boomers are supposed to have. Having gone from earning two incomes (my husband’s and mine) to a half an income (my husband’s… the artist), we are now poor. Who woulda thought? Not me. As a baby boomer, I thought we ruled and always would. Medical problems? Economic woes? Declining business? That all happened to someone else. But I digress. I must keep focusing on the fact that I AM A BOOMER! There is power in the word. There is an energy, an insight, a force that drives us to set trends and basically rule. Right? It’s sorta like being a Kennedy. We are just… well, special. Okay, well, there are just so many of us, we cannot be ignored. Fine. We rule by numbers. It’s enough to keep me going into my retirement years, even if I can’t get my nails done anymore.

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